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deanna grew up in Calgary and moved to Vancouver when she turned 19. She went to SFU for geology but soon realized she liked people better than rocks. She made a life for herself working as a tour guide on the Rocky Mountaineer. Energized by working with people, she discovered public speaking was thrilling and found her passion in storytelling. She loved sharing knowledge of her country with intrigued travellers and growing a connection with curious locals.  

When deanna was in her 20s she filled up every single passport page with stamps of new countries she visited. In each new place she always tried to find a local tour to deepen her understanding of the people and the land she visited. 

Her life of travel and being a tour guide ended when she became a mom to a beautiful boy, then to gorgeous twin girls. She focused on raising her kids until she got the opportunity to return to being a guide, this time in her own backyard. 

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